Is Whole Brain Development Possible?

Humans use only about 2-3% of their brainpower during the entire life span. Therefore, 97% of the brain’s capacity remains unutilised; meaning there is a potential for developing the whole brain.

How is this possible, then? Well, one of the ways is through Mental Arithmetic.

Stimulates Photographic Memory

Classical education taught us to learn with one side of our brain, the left one. Mental Arithmetic, however, fire up the functions of both the right and left brain by exercising the mind and hands. This improves children’s brain power and memory, hence increasing their ability to retain large amounts of information.

In Mental Arithmetic, children memorise different images during numbers training and problem-solving, such as that of the virtual abacus. This continuous memory training significantly boosts their ability in photographic memory, which is the capability to recall information in great accuracy and precision.

Generates Creativity in Many Forms

Our left brain is responsible for logical thinking and analytical skills, whereas the right side performs duties related to creativity, visualisation and arts. By continuously practising Mental Arithmetic, children are able to develop the right side of their brain thus improving imagination and creativity.

When that happens, children will find it easier to be inspired and to problem-solve in a creative manner. This allows them to identify opportunities and overcome challenges using innovative solutions in their daily lives.

Life-long Skills

Children performing mental calculations exercise skills such as imagination, memory, analysis, logic, creativity, listening and vision. Exercising these skills concurrently exercises both parts of their brain, thereby increasing the co-ordination between them.

Although the left brain helps us function in the real world as it is better at things like reading, writing and keeping us organised, it is the right that improves decision making, team building and strategising. In fact, whole brain thinking is a secret weapon that many successful people use to evolve in their career as it helps one to arrive at better solutions to complex problems. 

Treat the whole brain as a muscle. The more we flex it, the stronger it becomes. Thus, when children constantly exercise their minds, it boosts their mental power. Just like the equipment at the gym is a medium for body building, for brain development, Mental Arithmetic is the medium of choice.