Learning @ Wekie

Learning with Wekie

Designed with care from Wekie Education, we offer multiple programmes tailored for kids of different knowledge and learning levels for a diverse learning environment. From the humble basics to the most exciting arithmetic challenges, have a look at what we offer:

Programme 1 :
Basic Course

Primary [7-12 y/o]
Kindergarten [4-6 y/o]

Classes are specially custom-made and simplified for beginners in Mental Arithmetic as our teaching methodology focuses on story-telling. This will enable students to learn with fun and comfort as they do not need to memorise the formulas. This too, sets a solid foundation for kids to proceed to the next level.

Programme 2:
Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Level

Grand level (Super K1 to K10)
Advanced (Lvl 2 to 1)
Intermediate (Lvl 5 to 3)
Elementary (Lvl 10-6)

At this level of courses, students will be educated on more complicated calculations, with more focus on accuracy and the speed of calculation. With this, students will be able to apply and practice whatever they learn in their daily routine especially in their schoolwork.

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Phone: 010-948 9349  Email: course@wekie.edu.my