Scholarship Programmes

Wekie Scholarship Programmes

Wekie Education has always held steadfast to our commitment of educating the future generations, while giving back to the society. We grant scholarships to outstanding and well-deserving students as a way to encourage and assist students whose educational opportunities can be expanded through financial assistance.

Eligibility criteria for Wekie scholarship programme


Grand Level Super K10 and above


  • This scholarship acts as a means of rewarding Top Performers who achieved Grand Level Super K10 and above. (in accordance to the International Mental Arithmetic standards)


  • This scholarship is by way of monthly tuition fee waiver for life.


  • This scholarship will be presented during an Award Ceremony together with a Certificate of Recognition.


  • This scholarship programme is open to all students regardless of age and duration of learning at Wekie Education, provided that they have achieved good grades in Grand Level Super K10.

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