Characters Growth

Wekie Characters Growth

Here at Wekie Education, our educators treat the teaching and learning process as an art of storytelling. As your child’s story unfolds, you will watch them grow, gain knowledge, become mature and acquire confidence. Just like our Wekie characters, your child too, will attain growth, progress and obtain values that will transform them into becoming their own versions of Super Wekie.

Basic & Elementary

(Caring & Positive)


Green colour:
Symbolises freshness, caring and positivity.


Progress & values:
During the Basic Stage, the character is introduced as a basic form. Here he learns the most humble value of developing care for himself and people around him. During the Elementary Stage, the limbs of the character have started to emerge from the body. He feels happy to learn at the centre where everyone is treated equally.

Intermediate & Advanced

(Adventurous & Independent)


Orange colour:
Symbolises creativity, fun, enthusiasm.


Progress & values:
During the Intermediate & Advanced Stages, the character’s ears become obvious. This symbolises he is now more aware of his abilities/talents. He further explores the surroundings to discover and learn new things through his innate storytelling capabilities and imagination.

Grand Level 1 & 2

(Creative & A Super Wekie)


Blue colour:
Symbolises wisdom, intelligence, confidence, inspiration.


Progress & values:
At Grand Level 1 & 2 Stages, the character by now has matured with confidence and knowledge, built better characters and soft skills. He has also discovered his talents and is working towards honing them. Therefore, he is now the cape-doning Super Wekie in-charge of inspiring his own future and that of others.