Is Mental Arithmetic Merely an Extracurricular Activity?

Many may feel that mental arithmetic is merely an unnecessary, extracurricular activity but that is far from the truth. In fact, mental arithmetic is highly advantageous for the cognitive development of your child.

Establishing a Solid Foundation

Mental arithmetic is a progressive learning mathematics course that equips children with the necessary skill sets during their development phases. Do you know that mental arithmetic plays an important role in establishing children’s intellectual foundation? Well, now you do! Mental arithmetic requires children to solve mathematical problems using only their brains so this activates and promotes brain development. Besides, mental arithmetic may also enhance children’s memory as the activity calls for strong memory skills. The necessary knowledge needed to solve mental arithmetic problems stem from long-term memory so the more children practise, the better their memory becomes in the long run. 

Left and Right Go Hand in Hand

Unlike normal mathematics, mental arithmetic stimulates both the left and right sides of the brain. Mental arithmetic uses both sides of the brain as children are required to imagine and visualise the problems in their mind. Using creativity and imagination, certain children can even visualise an abacus when they solve math problems. Constant mental arithmetic practices can result in an equilibrium on both sides of the brain. This will subsequently catalyse children’s learning capabilities and keep their minds in tip-top condition. 

More Concentration, Less Mistakes 

Additionally, children with a mental arithmetic background are often more observant and confident compared to those without. Mental arithmetic lays the premise for good concentration and observational skills in children. Children who are more observant and concentrative tend to exhibit efficient work ethic and are less likely to make careless mistakes, resulting in a boost in their confidence and self-esteem. The ability to perform mental arithmetic is also a good practical skill to have. How cool would it be if your child is able to calculate complex math problems within the snap of a finger? Extremely cool! Foster your children’s interest in mental arithmetic now and watch them shine!

If you are still debating on whether you should send your children to mental arithmetic classes, well here’s your answer. Technology may be advancing but it can never replace the wonders of the human brain. Mental arithmetic provides your children a pathway for better understanding of mathematics while enhancing their cognitive development and self esteem. Want all that for your precious little one? Wait no more! Wekie is here to cultivate their creativity and inspire their growth.