Mental Arithmetic & Studies: How does it work?

In this day and age, with technology being a significant part of life, many people often wonder if learning mental arithmetic is still necessary. Technology has definitely made life more convenient and people have become accustomed to this convenience. However, certain human qualities and skills can never be replaced by advanced technology. Qualities such as mental ability and speed are important in a child’s development and may greatly influence their study behaviours, while mental arithmetic can definitely help instil these qualities in them.

How, you ask? Well, let us explain.

Sharpen Minds to Create Avid Learners

As we all know, mental arithmetic and calculations are inseparable from each other. When learning mental arithmetic, children are trained to carry out mental calculations through a virtual image of the abacus. This sharpens their minds and sharp minds go a long way towards improving cognitive skills. Over time, children will find it easier to learn and retrieve new information. Once children find learning fun, they will turn into avid learners. Then, parents will no longer have to worry about children not being interested in their studies.

Long-term Memory for Critical Thinkers

Besides that, mental arithmetic also helps in improving memory skills. As children’s ability to perform mental calculations increases, the amount of information they can store in their brain increases as well. With an improved memory, children can apply this skill in other subjects like history, geography or even languages. Mental arithmetic can also enhance memory duration and critical thinking.  Critical thinking is related to long-term memory because the brain heavily relies on previous memories. For example, an individual who uses critical thinking while solving a problem will rely on the information of their previous experiences. At the same time, they can improve their problem-solving ability as well.

Developing Concentration to Enhance Efficiency

Mental arithmetic is not only about speed, but also accuracy. Precise calculations require a high concentration. Concentration is important because it is the premise and foundation of all learning. The higher the concentration a child has, the more serious they will be in doing things. Cultivating children’s concentration from an early age is something that every parent and educator needs to attach great importance to. It is also said that a higher concentration increases work efficiency which elevates the chances of success.

Mental arithmetic highly benefits children and has a profound impact on them. Learning mental arithmetic is a good and effective way to cultivate children not only in math but also their essential life skills. Children can be anything they want when they grow up so let’s start their mental arithmetic journey with Wekie today!