The Wonders of Mental Arithmetic

Did you know that Mental Arithmetic can bring tremendous benefits to a child’s development?

Mental Arithmetic is the practice of performing calculations in the head without using any devices or tools such as a calculator. Children are able to perform calculations by just visualising numbers in their head instead of physically writing them down after understanding the math concepts. Furthermore, children who master mental math are more likely to succeed, not just academically but also in their life.

Enhances Brain Development & Memory

Mental Arithmetic keeps the brain sharp. Practising Mental Arithmetic with an abacus exercises the mind and hands simultaneously. It incorporates the functions of the right and left sides of the brain, hence improves children’s brain power in the early years. When the hands and mind work together, it doubly improves our brain’s functions. Children’s memory skills can also be improved through their ability to mentally do math, thereby increasing their ability to store large amounts of information in the brain.

Increases Alertness & Concentration

Performing Mental Arithmetic requires extensive concentration and focusing to obtain accurate answers as fast as possible. With intensive training, children are able to develop a higher concentration level and longer attention span allowing them to absorb more information. Children are therefore less likely to be distracted due to their improved listening skills as a result of their increased concentration. 

Strengthens Ability of Understanding

The process of answering Mental Arithmetic questions enhances a child’s observation, memory power, and ability to analyse and solve problems. This is because high degree of attention, memory and reactivity are required in practising Mental Arithmetic. At the same time, children will gradually foster the development of non-intellectual factors such as persistence, competitive and time management. Children who learn Mental Arithmetic usually have an enhanced ability in learning other subjects or foreign languages.   

Cultivates Expression & Problem-Solving Skills

Mental Arithmetic develops logical thinking which stimulates one’s ability to problem solve things. As a child’s sense of numbering improves through learning mental math, it enhances their level of understanding and ability to tackle real-life problems. By developing sound mental math and problem-solving skills early on in a child’s education, they are able to apply logic and reasoning in their daily lives.

Improves Self-Confidence

It goes without saying that it looks cool performing accurate calculations without penning down numbers. Same goes for children! Imagine them doing that in front of their peers, you’ll definitely see that bright smile hanging on their faces. As children progress through the levels of Mental Arithmetic, they will be able to perform calculations on their own, and the satisfaction that comes from it will make them feel happy and confident about themselves.

Although in the modern world, we can pretty much rely on the help of machines, but nothing beats the contentment of performing calculations ourselves. After all, thinking is what makes us human. A journey with Mental Arithmetic, is definitely worth a lifetime! Get your children started now with Wekie Education.